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Comparing London and Newcastle bus fares

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Chi Onwurah MP
House of Commons

Back to the transport announcements earlier - and Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah highlighted the difference between bus fares in London and Newcastle in her question to the prime minister.

"In London, thanks to the Hopper fare... I can travel across the entire Greater London area on two buses up to 30 miles for ?1.50. In Newcastle, ?1.50 will barely get me four stops up the West Road."

The Reality Check team has been hard at work on this one and has found two locations about one mile apart on Newcastle's West Road.

The single fare for four stops on the number 40 bus would be ?1.70. Going an extra stop would put it up to ?1.90.

London's Hopper fare allows passengers to take as many buses as they like for ?1.50 within one hour of touching in on the first bus.

You might struggle to do 30 miles in the time allowed, but if you did, you'd only pay ?1.50.

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