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Independent producers who would like to pitch an idea to a network must first register to become a supplier.

For information on pitching to a non-network radio station please see the Local Radio and Nations Radio pages.

Please note: BBC Radio does not accept programme ideas from individuals unattached to a production company.


Once you have become a supplier you will be able to submit a proposal ahead of the closing deadline.

Initial proposals should include proposed talent and production staff, a description of the programme (limited to 250 words), together with an estimated programme price.

Proposals will be evaluated as described in the brief and either shortlisted or rejected. Producers of shortlisted proposals will be invited to refine the ideas and possibly pitch in person.


A BBC Radio Commissioning Brief will contain the editorial opportunity, details about the commissioning process to be followed and the timetable and assessment criteria.

The links below contain general information that relates to all commissioning briefs and rounds, regardless of Network.

Commission Award

Key Contract Terms

About the BBC

Non Disclosure Agreement


We want BBC Radio to be a place where in-house production teams and independent producers bring their best ideas. The Radio Commissioning Framework is designed to be fair, robust and transparent, it's a tool to help us reinvent and grow radio.

If you have any comments or complaints about your experience of the commissioning process, please contact the network controller (contact details can be found on the relevant station page) or the Head of Editorial Standards and Commissioning Policy so we can improve how we work.

We also ask for feedback through an annual survey.